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At Certified Restoration Services in Central Falls, Rhode Island our crews are certified and trained in flood cleanup and restoration services. Heavy rainfall, sewage back up, toilet overflow, broken appliances or broke pipes are a few common flood causes. No matter what caused your flood, we are the only company you will have to call for all of the flood cleanup and restoration needs. Our staff is certified and trained in every aspect of flood clean up and restoration. Trust us to properly plan and complete your flood cleanup and restoration job. Call us anytime with any flooding damage you got at 866-287-3461.


Property disaster clean up and restoration is a job best left to the professionals. We have a ton of experience and so many satisfied customers, you will be glad to have our teams there to take care of your property. Water removal, moisture detection, mold clean up, odor control, and structure drying are all things that are usually necessary after having a flood. If the water inside has been sitting for over 72 hours, that means the damages can be even greater then. The crews at Certified Restoration Services in Central Falls, Rhode Island will implement the best damage restoration solution for your case. Contact us immediately at 866-287-3461 for any flooding clean up job.



At Certified Restoration Services in Central Falls, Rhode Island, our staff will help you with the insurance claim and any other services you may need. Your needs are first and foremost important to us in any job we do. Our many years of experience and certifications are just a couple of the reasons why we are industry leaders in flood cleanup and restoration. We use the most up to date, professional equipment to remove any standing water, truck mount extraction units to pull as much water from the structure as possible to ensure that your home and belongings as well have been properly dried and restored. To reduce any more damage that may occur in a short amount of time, contact us at 866-287-3461.


Our crews are certified and trained to IICRC S 500 standards, each and every year we strive to find the most advanced ways to combat water and environmental issues. We are an innovative restoration company that provides you with disaster restoration and project management, residential and commercial restoration, drying services, and reconstruction. We strive to be detail and customer care oriented, your needs are first and foremost. Always using the latest and most up to date equipment and methods to dry your property and begin the restoration process start to finish the most effective and most efficient ways possible. Our staff is trained in damaged electronics, content cleaning and documents. For help with any aspect of your flood disaster Certified Restoration Services in Central Falls, Rhode Island can be at your rescue. Call us anytime with any sized flood problem at 866-287-3461.



Some tips and tricks to keep in mind are your most important belongings and documents need to kept safe from the start and how to keep them safe from a flood should be of concern always. You should always store important documents in bins that seal and keep them off the floor. Keep your antiques and collectibles stored up high off the ground away from drains and sumps. Very Importantly, never use your vacuum or a shop vacuum to clean any flood waters! Do not turn on any electronics after suffering a flood this may damage them internally. Stay out of rooms where the ceilings are sagging. Never turn on any lights, fans or televisions after suffering from a flood. Although your first reaction may be to grab towels and soak up the water, please have it checked by the professionals. Even flooding caused by a storm may contain sewage waste, which can be very unhealthy for you. At Certified Restoration Services in Central Falls, Rhode Island we will give you outstanding flood restoration services. Call our live operators at 866-287-3461.

About Central Falls

Tenure By Age Of Householder By Units In Structure:
Total: 6,415
Owner occupied: 1,762
Householder 15 to 34 years: 1,759
1, detached or attached: 102
2 to 4: 1,602
5 to 19 : 294
50 or more: 28
Householder 35 to 64 years: 2,291
Householder 65 years and over: 487
Renter occupied: 4,653

Miscellaneous Information for Central Falls:
Total Population: 19,303
Total Households: 6,415

About Rhode Island

Language Spoken At Home By Ability To Speak English For The Population 5 Years And Over:
Total: 997,740
Speak only English : 786,891
Spanish or Spanish Creole: 111,014
Speak English "very well": 1,089
Speak English less than "very well": 282
French (incl. Patois, Cajun): 10,315
French Creole: 6,840
Italian: 7,324
Portuguese or Portuguese Creole: 31,081
German: 1,773
Yiddish: 46
Other West Germanic languages: 188
Scandinavian languages: 497
Greek: 1,670
Russian: 2,019

Miscellaneous Information for Rhode Island:
Total Households: 238,140
Total Population: 624,046

About Providence County
Providence County: Population 16+ not in Labor Force - 176,644
Providence County: Population without Health Insurance Coverage - 84,060
Providence: Male Population 5 To 9 Years - 18,772
Providence: Female Population 67 To 69 Years - 7,411
Providence: Female Population 10 To 14 Years - 19,722
Providence: Male Population 20 Years - 5,961
Providence: Female Population 70 To 74 Years - 10,550

Miscellaneous Information for Providence County
Total Population: 467,756
Total Households: 173,805